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Animal – Pest and Wildlife Control

Raider Wildlife Control takes pride in assisting our residential and commercial clients with the humane removal of wildlife and pest issues that are compromising their structures, property and/or health.

Humane Wildlife & Pest Control

Do you suddenly find yourself hosting an unwanted guest in your home? If you’re hearing unfamiliar squeaks, rattles, chewing, or any other sounds that are out of the ordinary, you may have a critter in your midst.

What to Do When You Have a Household Pest

Raider Wildlife is an animal control service that safely and speedily removes unwanted pests from your home and takes measures to ensure they don’t re-enter.

Our approach:

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Humane, hands-on, safe removal of animals and pests.

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Protective and preventative measures.

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Comprehensive assessment & estimate.

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Eliminate unwanted anxiety of the unknown noises and damaged property.

Our six-step process is a surefire way to take control of the situation and remove animals in a humane way:

  • Step 1: Review and inspect
  • Step 2: Advise and recommend
  • Step 3: Implement solutions
  • Step 4: Deliver guaranteed results
  • Step 5: Excellent customer service
  • Step 6: Referred by many people

In case the critter has caused structural damage to your property, our staff is trained and certified in:

  • Roof and ladder safety
  • Building repair
  • Decontamination
  • Restoration
  • Insulation installation

What Pests Are We Acquainted with?

Many homeowners decide it is their responsibility to handle the situation, when in fact doing so will only put you and your family at risk of being attacked or catching any illness the animal might be carrying.

Request for Service

That’s why it’s important to leave it to professional wildlife control services. Our staff is experienced in humanely removing:

  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Mice and Rats
  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Skunks

Unsure of what wild animal you’re dealing with? Fill out a request for service or give us a call for speedy service—our priority is to arrive quickly and take control of the situation before anyone gets hurt. We also offer a lifetime guarantee.

Which Areas Do We Serve?

Our pest control services are based in Hamilton, but span across Ontario. We service both residential and commercial properties in:

  • Hamilton
  • Niagara Falls
  • Caledonia
  • Grimsby
  • Burlington
  • St. Catharines
  • Stoney Creek
  • Oakville
  • Thorold
  • Lincoln

If you find yourself in need of wildlife control services, contact us today!

Trust Raider Wildlife Control with all your wildlife and pest control needs.

Judy Giacchetti
Judy Giacchetti
With the first real cold of winter, Raccoons tore off a roof cap and moved in to the ceiling above my addition. After checking a a few options, Raider's was by far the best choice. Chris took the time to give me a "Raccoon 101" education and prioritized our job. I had someone at the house giving it a thorough review the next day! The following day I had 3 teams swarming the roof, and other areas that needed to be shored up. 1-way doors were installed in the lower roof where they had torn off a cap, and unknown to me, the upper roof where they had torn off the fan itself. The team replaced/repaired ANY part of my house that would have allowed them or other critters from getting in. As we have lots of wildlife by the escarpment in Hamilton, it was fully worth the "full job" task and price to protect my home from this kind of damage, and unwanted freeloaders. AMAZING customer service and knowledge. I can't say enough about Chris, Blake, and the crews who were friendly, respectful and FAST. Within a few hours of the team leaving, we saw the snow cleared on the 1-way door, and footprints leaving the roof. Problem solved, and with the extra work they did in a few places, I know i won't be hearing skittering in my addition any longer.
Des Hunter
Des Hunter
We went to bed and above us was a very loud scraching and banging sound. This only stopped afted pounding on the wall. We thought it was a racoon in our actic and the next day researched and phoned a couple of animl removal companies. We selected Raider Wildlife Control and were very hasppy we did. Right from the begining and to the end, the owner, inspector snd technicianwere friendly, professional and continually provided recommendations and updates as the work progressed. They provided 3 options on preventing access to the actic. Since we had already decided to reroof in the summer, they provided advice on what should be done by the roofing company to further prevent animal access. This company is highly recommended in preventing access to your home from animals
Cindy Zomparelli
Cindy Zomparelli
I called to get advice on a rat situation at my home. I spoke with Chris who was so very kind and pleasant to speak with. He took the time to explain things to me and didn't try to rush me off the phone and even went the extra mile to send me information through to my email even knowing it wasn't a sales lead. It's people like this that deserve a 10 star review and I will surely be calling Raider Wildlife Control if I ever need their services. Thank you Chris, your customer care was amazing.
Ferg Gundy
Ferg Gundy
Exceptional service, attentiveness, explanations, and diligence
Danny Wu
Danny Wu
Chris and the team have done an amazing job of fixing our issue. They were quick and were doing an outstanding job. They were also clear on where and what the issue was.
Joanne Dziuba
Joanne Dziuba
Just want to update this review 2 years on - we had an issue with mice getting into the house again and I called Raider Wildlife back. Blake came out to the house, checked it out, and came back with a team to resolve the issue, all covered under the warranty. What a fantastic company with superb customer service. I can't recommend them enough! Very professional and prompt service. Thanks Blake and team! I called Raider Wildlife Control for a rodent problem at my mother's house. I chose them based on the reviews that I had read and I am very happy that I did. Chris always returned my calls and emails right away, Blake came out to do an inspection and told us everything that needed done. When we gave them the go-ahead, they got all of the necessary locates from the city and sent a team out to do the work. Terry and the rest of the crew worked so hard all day long, with such attention to detail. They answered all of our questions as the day went on and went above and beyond to get everything done just right. We couldn't have asked for a better job to be done. If you are looking for a professional to solve your rodent/wildlife problem, these are the people to call.
Lori VanderPloeg
Lori VanderPloeg
My cat noticed movement in our ceiling and I was referred to Raider Wildlife by my brother. Spoke with Chris and explained what was going on. Blake came for an assessment and when finish, showed pictures. He explained the cost and every detail. Terry and Justin came for a full day of sealing all the openings around my home. They were friendly, hardworking and detail oriented. Everything was perfect. This company has great communication skills. There were no surprises at the end of this job. Thank you from a satisfied customer!
three fold
three fold
I would highly recommend the services of this company due to their professionalism and knowledge.They weren’t afraid to get dirty, had excellent problem solving skills and gave us a lot of good advice! We are so grateful for their help, Thank-you!
Jai Guru Dev
Jai Guru Dev
Thanks for bringing silence to our roof once again, and for doing it in such a friendly, efficient way, even safeguarding the life of the squirrels.
Sahib Sharma
Sahib Sharma
Pathetic customer service. The male call agent i spoke with had a horrible attitute and are not very accomodating.