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5 Signs you have Animals in your Attic

By October 4, 2017April 9th, 2018Uncategorized

Have you ever suspected your house of being haunted? Or woken up to the sound of something scratching the walls or dragging across the floor above your head?

Chances are, the sound is coming from an animal—not a ghost.

Here are 5 signs you might have critters living in your attic:

Sound is Everything

Once you have gotten over the fear of a potential ghost floating around your attic, listen careful to what types of sounds are coming from above. If the sounds are coming in quick, staccato bursts, you may have a mouse or rat problem. If you hear louder thuds, or sounds of objects being knocked over, you may be dealing with a larger animal, like an opossum or raccoon.

Animals that frequent attics are mostly nocturnal, so the best time to listen for sounds is at night.

Sour Odours

If you open your attic door and are greeted with a foul, unfamiliar odour that makes your eyes water, you likely have animals living in your attic. Animal droppings give off a powerful odour that, depending on your ventilation system, can spread throughout the house.

Sadly, many animals get trapped in attics and die, contributing to this unpleasant odour.

Signs of a Nest

Like humans, animals like to bury in fluffy, dry, comfortable areas. Clumps of sticks, fiberglass, leaves and shredded wood or insulation are common materials found in nests.

Nests are generally found in dark corners or enclosed areas, like between walls.


Droppings are a good way to decipher what type of animal may be scuttling around your attic; the larger the dropping, the bigger the animal. Be sure to also look for urine stains on the floor and walls.

It is important to note that animals like raccoons and mice can carry diseases in their droppings, so be sure to wear a mask when exposed.

An Entry Point

Animals don’t just appear miraculously. Depending on their size and ability, each animal has a different tactic for getting into your home.
Critters like squirrels, for example, are known for chewing holes into houses. Mice and rats are small enough to squeeze through small holes, and mischievous raccoons have been known to crawl through pet doors. Opossums will chew right through your wall to make a nest.

To prevent wildlife from getting into your home, look for any holes or rot in the roof around your attic, and be sure your chimney flue is firmly shut.
Although wild animals can appear cute and cuddly, especially when cozied up in nests made of cotton and twigs, they are capable of irreversible damage to your home.

If you suspect an animal infestation in your attic, please call a professional pest removal service. The experts at Raider Wildlife Control will help you deal with whatever pest problem comes your way. Call us today to request our service.