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Pest Awakenings to Prepare for This Spring

By April 5, 2018September 7th, 2018Uncategorized

With most animals waking up from hibernation, they’re going to start exploring for mates, food, and ideal nesting locations. That means you should start thinking about how to best protect your home and yard from their invasion. The professionals at Raider Wildlife Control have you covered with these key prevention tasks to do this spring:

Change Your Habits

During the spring and summer, families will spend more time outside, which will involve food-related activities. Food is the number-one attraction for animals, so make sure you don’t leave it unattended outside, particularly when the party’s over. Clean up the space you used and cover any bins and composting so animals, like raccoons and squirrels, can’t get into them.

If your kids are responsible for taking out the trash, talk to them about being careful to prevent the bags from ripping or being accessible to any pests. Let them know about the health risks involved if animals find a way into the home, or if they attack because they feel threatened by your family’s presence.

Many gardeners know that certain scents act as great repellants for pests, like rabbits, mice and squirrels. Placing mothballs and even cayenne pepper around your property will deter animals from damaging your plants and invading your home. This is a temporary solution, as mothballs and cayenne pepper will eventually lose their effect and need to be reapplied overtime.

Change Your Garden

As you prepare and plan out your garden, remove potential attractions. Brush piles and tall grass are great for nesting in, and compost acts as a food source. If you have a birdfeeder or feed them yourself, clean up any stray seeds to prevent squirrels from entering your yard. Consider using beneficial nematodes for your soil; they will reduce your grub population, which is an attractive food for skunks.

If you have a vegetable garden, there are ways of protecting your food, such as visual and auditory scare devices like reflective tape and motion-activated water sprays. But these can lose their effect over time, as the pests may get used to them. Fencing is another way to protect your food.

Have an Inspection

The best way to stop animals from invading your yard and home is to have professionals inspect your property for possible entries and seal them up. Potential access points are under decks or porches, as well as in attics. The fascia and soffits on your roof can develop holes and allow wasps, bats, and squirrels to find their way into your home.

The experts at Raider Wildlife Control provide a thorough six-step process and guide you all the way through. We review and inspect your situation, advise the best approach, put the solution into action, and deliver results. We welcome your feedback on our services and encourage your referral.

Raider Wildlife Control provides inspections in Hamilton and other areas. Call us today at 1-844-482-7243 for any pest-related questions, or schedule an inspection before you have any unwelcomed visitors!