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Signs That You Have Birds Nest Around Your Home

By August 14, 2017April 9th, 2018Uncategorized

Finding a bird’s nest is no easy feat. These clever creatures are excellent at camouflaging their homes so they can’t easily be found or damaged by predators, but you may suspect you have a nest due to a sudden increase in bird activity around your home. If you’re not entirely certain, even after carefully inspecting your perimeter, here are some other clues you have a bird’s nest from the experts at Raider Wildlife Control:

Strange Savage Behaviour

Birds are usually spotted gliding from rooftops and onto tree branches or happily hopping around your garden; so when you begin to notice birds shredding up grass, pulling threads out of your exterior rug, and plucking their own feathers, then this is likely a clue that they’re gathering for their nest. If you witness this, keep an eye out on where the bird flies off to next.

Warning Sounds

We tend to take nature sounds for granted. They often fade into the background and remain forgotten as we go about our daily tasks; but pay closer attention when you hear the sounds of birds chirping—are they chirping happily, or are they screeching, warning you that you’re much too close to their nest? Depending on the species of bird, sounds can range from violent screeching, to hissing, to even light growling.

The Killdeer’s Broken Wing Act

Have you ever run into an “injured” bird and tried rehabilitating it, only to see it suddenly fly away in a perfect state? When you step too close to a nest, the adults sometimes feign falling to the ground as though injured in order to distract humans from the nest. The Killdeer then leads the human to as far away from the nest as possible, and then returns after making a miraculous recovery.

Safe Birds removal

Fixed to One Spot

Birds usually follow the food and the water. You’ll see them drinking out of fountains and perched on trees, perhaps even flying around with other birds. But if you notice a bird perched on a specific spot for a long period of time, it’s likely because they are keeping watch in an area close enough to the nest so they feel they are protecting it, but far enough so that they won’t give away the nest’s location.

If a bird has taken residents near the entryway of your home or business, it could be dangerous for your family or clients who enter the premises. When there is high traffic near a bird’s nest, they may feel threatened and deem anyone a predator.

If you notice any of these odd bird behaviours, please contact a professional pest removal service. Removing the nest yourself can be dangerous, as you may accidentally harm the birds or get attacked in the process. The experts at Raider Wildlife Control are adept at removing bird’s nests safely and in a humane manner.