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The Benefits of a Humane Wildlife Removal Service

By July 15, 2018September 7th, 2018Uncategorized
The Benefits of a Humane Wildlife Removal Service

You’re experiencing the symptoms of unwanted wildlife in your home or commercial space, like damaged wires and continuous sounds. It’s frustrating, but being an animal lover, you’re afraid of the effects wildlife removal would have on the animals occupying your space. A humane wildlife removal service provides a safe removal of pests that protects both your health and the structural integrity of your building.

Courtesy of the experts at Raider Wildlife Control, here are the top benefits of a using a humane wildlife removal service:

Animals Are Unharmed

Humane wildlife removal services use methods that don’t cause any unnecessary stress, harm, or pain to the animals. They understand that you don’t want to interact with wildlife in your personal space while still empathizing with the effects of an urban environment on animals.

A humane wildlife removal technician has respect for wildlife and understands the temporal patterns that dominate an animal’s activity patterns. With this knowledge, they know the best time of year to evict wildlife that will ensure mothers and their young stay together.  Wildlife removal technicians are aware of the laws surrounding particular species. For example, under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, it’s illegal to kill bats even if they’ve entered your home. This is because some species of bats are endangered and they play an important role in the local ecosystem.

No Ecosystem Damage

Specific animal species are present in regions for a reason. They’re part of a larger environment, consisting of a food chain. Birds, for example, pollinate plants and recycle nutrients back into the earth. Without them, we would have far less fruit, vegetable, and plant species. Taking this into account, a humane wildlife removal will use methods that don’t endanger the wellbeing of the animal involved.

A Long-Term Solution

After your property has been cleared of the wildlife infestation, a humane wildlife control company will take the appropriate measures to ensure permanent eviction. Although getting rid of the pests invading your home is important, it’s crucial to prevent them from returning.

We use a customized treatment plan to understand what’s attracting animals to your home in the first place. Perhaps there’s a loose shingle on your roof or a crack in your foundation that’s giving critters just enough space to enter. By determining the root cause of your wildlife problems, an adequate solution is implemented that prevents animals from entering in the first place.

Cleanup and Restoration

Humane wildlife removal takes a holistic approach to your wildlife issues. Even though the pests have been removed, the damage they’ve caused may still be lingering. The cleanup process includes decontamination and sanitation to ensure the health and safety of your family are not compromised, while deterring pests from settling into your space again.

At times, restoration may also be required to bring your home or commercial property back to its prior state. Rodents—rats in particular—have a habit of gnawing on wood and electrical wiring. Our experts assess the damage and make the necessary repairs.

Raider Wildlife Control is dedicated to correcting your wildlife problems in a safe and humane matter. We provide services to remove a variety of animals, including rodents, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, bats, and more. To learn more about our method or to request our service, call 1-844-482-7243 today!